There Are Other Web Browsers Out There!

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So you think that Internet Explorer is the only browser out there? Actually, there are other browsers out there that are better and more efficient than IE. Let’s examine the following:

Safari: Safari is the browser of for most Mac users. It’s faster than Internet Explorer and contains a built-in Google Search, tabbed interface to browse multiple sites at once, automatic form completion and more. Free to download.

Mozilla: Mozilla is open source software. Mozilla is for Windows, Linux or Mac users. Browse several sites at once with the tabbed interface, block pop-up ads and it even includes IRS Chat. It has a great email client with great spam blockers and filters

Opera: For Windows, Linux and Mac users alike. There are two versions; one free (which is ad supported) or for 39.00, you can get the ad-free version. Opera is extremely fast with built-in email clients that includes spam filters. It also contains the usual pop-up blockers.

OmniWeb: An award-winning Web browser strictly for Mac users. Cost is 39.95. Features include ad blocking, history searching, website change notifications, even speech recognition.

Netscape Navigator: Microsoft’s’ chief rival is still around. Netscape 7.1 is based on Mozilla architecture. Free to download. FireFox: Firefox (aka Firebird) is an express version version of Mozilla and built for speed. It’s only a browser with no built-in email client, so if you need email you’ll want to download its companion, Thunderbird. Those who love Mozilla will find many of the same features here. With Firefox you can block pop ups, customize the toolbars; even change its appearance with the use of themes. For Windows, Linux and Mac users. Free.

Avant Browser: A tabbed browser that’s really fast and allows you to view multiple websites in a split window interface. Free

So there are alternatives that are better than Internet Explorer. Go ahead and try a different browser! Be different!

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