Internet Safety for Kids Age 14-17 Years Old

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Kids at this age start to exercise full freedom and independence. Sometimes, they try new things in order to test their capacity. But still, they lack the experience to judge things the right way and must be guided in areas where they are likely to commit mistakes, including the use of the internet.

Internet threats to Kids Age 14-17 Years Old

Kids at this age play online games, download music, and shop online. Most boys of this age engage in online gambling, look at explicit adult sites, gore, violence, and adult humor. Both boys and girls enter chat rooms and engage in private chats or use instant messaging like Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger.

They are more welcome to accommodate online acquaintances and build relationships online that would possibly end up in a real-life meeting. They are more prone to receive pornographic spam and will likely end up clicking links that contain explicit material. They can easily be persuaded to join online contests and fill out forms that ask for personal information.

These may not seem to be a danger for them since they “are just trying out new things.” But these are the things that you should watch out for.

Safety tips:

• Keep the internet-connected computer outside their bedrooms
• Create a rule on how to properly use the internet. Set a time where they can access the internet. Make sure they follow it.
• If they are using the instant messaging, ask them on discuss their friends on the list. Tell them not to talk to strangers. Tell them to enter friendly and moderated chat rooms only.
• Encourage them to talk to you about the people they meet online.
• Tell them not to trust anyone online.
• Set firewall or filtering software so that they can’t access websites that contain explicit materials such as violence and pornography.
• Remind your kids on the risks that online gambling may bring.
• Tell them not to give up any personal information such as names, addresses, and bank account numbers.
• Teach your kids to check with you first whenever they make online financial transactions including selling and buying online.
• Tell your kids to exercise ethical behavior online and not to engage in fights and bullying.
• Tell your kids not to open junk mails or download attachments from unknown senders.

They may show some resistance but it is important to explain to them the dangers that can happen when they insist on not following these safety tips.

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